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Mariner Advancement(R) provides testing software applications, exam questions and answers, illustrations, and publications for preparation for USCG mariner licensing exams.  

We use a combination of  USCG released questions and questions obtained from user feedback. We update our software often  based on question changes, test taker input, and newly released questions from the USCG. 


The Coast Guard updates their questions often, removing obsolete questions that are no longer relevant and adding new questions as they deem necessary. We update our question list and our software often to meet these changes.  We provide free downloads of the updates for one year after your purchase.  Updates are located in the navigation bar at the top of any page on this site.


This is a general product overview and all of our exam prep software is in this format.  To view screen shots and features that include our most recent updates see our User Manual in PDF format.  For more specific information on a given USCG license please click one of the links in the navigation bar at the left hand side of this web page.


Main Menu

Below you see a screen shot from the Main Menu.  The user is able to choose the number of test questions per test between twenty-five and one hundred.  As the user answers questions correctly, the test program removes correctly answered questions from the question bank.  This feature narrows the user's concentration down to only the questions they find most difficult, reducing the overall study time. The removal of the correctly answered questions is not permanent; simply click the test section you want to reset and click Reset Questions and all of the questions will be available again.  

Search Menu

Below you see a screen shot from the Search Menu.  The user is able to pull a search of text in any section or any illustration.  This feature allows the user to concentrate their studies on the areas with which they have the most problems.  For example, do a search of "RA-0001" under illustration and all "RA-0001" illustrations will be compiled into a test for the user to study.  Do a search of  "Class A" under the All Questions selection and all questions with the text "Class A" will be compiled into a test for the user to study.

Test Window

Finally, below you see the Test window.  Simply click on answer you believe to be correct and the program will highlight the correct answer in green and the incorrect answers in red.  Click on any white space to continue to the next question.  If an illustration is needed it will appear in the thumbnail image at the bottom right corner of the screen. Simply click on the thumbnail and the illustration size will increase to full screen.  Click the enlarged illustration, and it will return to a thumbnail image size.  The program keeps track of the number of questions you answered correctly and gives you a score at the end of the test.  You may use the back key to revisit previously answered questions.  A question reference is also provided.

Shipment charges and lost shipments / Warranty & Return Policy / Sales Tax

Please ensure you select your current shipping address in Paypal.  If you are shipping to someplace other than home, please ensure someone trustworthy will be at your shipping location to sign for receipt of your order.  If a shipment is lost without signature confirmation we will reship your order USPS First Class Mail at our expense.  We will not be responsible for lost shipments that occur after an order has been signed received at the shipping address you provided with signature confirmation.  Shipping charges include postage fees, fulfillment, and packaging.  Express shipping is USPS Priority Mail Express and is guaranteed minimum two day delivery by USPS in most cases.  Standard shipping is USPS First Class Mail and is delivered in three to five days in most cases.  We make every effort to ship your order on the next business day from the date of your order.  We of course can not be held responsible for USPS shipping delays.

Advancement Software LLC offers a 30 day full money back guarantee, no questions asked, and no restocking fees, on all of our software.  If our software product does not suite your needs, you may return it, no questions asked, for a full refund within the thirty days from the date of your purchase.  All books, DVD's, and charts may be returned within 30 days for full refund.  Books, DVD's or charts must be in new, unused condition.  All refunds are processed  through PayPal. After 30 days we do not issue refunds. Advancement Software LLC's viability depends on creating the most accurate representation of  the USCG merchant mariner exams, but due to USCG's ability to change entire question databases at any moment, we are unable to offer any guarantee of accuracy at the time of the user's exams.   

If your drive becomes damaged after thirty days -within one year from purchase- we will exchange your drive for a new drive, with the same software version of your original purchase, for a fee of $15.00.  No exchanges or refunds of any kind are available after one year from the purchase date.

Sales tax is collected from customers, filed, and paid currently to following states - Florida

Mariner Advancement is not required to, and does not, collect sales or use tax for states other than Florida. Under current law, purchases are not tax-exempt merely because a seller is not required to collect. Check with your state for filing and payment requirements.  The following states required the posting of  this notification - Washington State


  • a reference for the USCG book, question, and illustration number.
  • USCG illustrations and Internet links to new or additional illustrations when available.
  • the ability to revisit previously answered test questions during the test.
  • the option to display all answer choices or only display the correct answer.
  • the ability to tag questions while testing and the ability to revisit the tagged questions through the tag question menu. 
  • a choice to the number of questions per test.
  • a full search utility of all questions and illustrations.
  • a feature that temporarily removes correctly answered questions from the question bank, allowing the user to focus on the more difficult questions rather than wasting time reviewing questions they already know.  The user may reset the question bank at any time, restoring the removed questions.
  • a speech synthesizer that is capable of reading the  current question or the entire test.
  • preview screens, which reduces study time by allowing the user to determine if they need to take the time to load the explanation or illustration in full screen mode.
  • the ability to take exams over and over with no time restraints, valid per user agreement.
  • one year of free updates.
  • distribution on a USB drive so you can take it with you.  Study on your vessels computer and study at home.  
  • compatibility with most PCs with a USB port.  Please check system requirements below.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows™ Version 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 with x86 architecture such as Intel or AMD processor.  Not compatible with Microsoft Windows with ARM processor, Windows RT™, Surface Pro X., or Chromebook.  If purchasing a new computer, ensure it uses x86 architecture and not ARM architecture.
  • Latest version of Adobe® Reader® for Desktop (available for free online from Adobe®)
  • 1.0 GHz CPU, 2 GB RAM

  • 2.0 and 3.0 USB support

  • Mouse, compatible pointing device, or touch screen.

  • 1024 X 768 Screen Resolution



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AB & Lifeboatman 
OUPV / 6-Pack 
Mate Master 100/200 GRT 
Mate 500 1600 GRT 
Mate 3rd 2nd 
Master 500 1600 GRT 
Master Unl / Chief Mate 
QMED Oiler 
QMED other ratings 
DDE 1000 - Any Hp 
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