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The following are some of the letters we have received from our customers.  We appreciate all the kind words and recommendations. The new version of our software includes many changes recommended by our customers.  If you see any questions on your test that wasn't in our software send us an e-mail with a brief description of the question and we will research it and include it in future versions.  Please do not attempt to copy or take notes of the actual U.S.C.G. administered test, a general description from memory will suffice.


For an external review, g-Captain has a thread discussion about the best study material, Mariner Advancement is mentioned at the bottom in the newest remarks.  http://gcaptain.com/forum/engineering/7825-study-material.html


Thanks again.   Good luck on your test.



Hey Joe, 

Just wanted to let you know since I had messaged you about 2 months ago asking about your study program, which I purchased.  I went down to Boston and tested a couple weeks ago and managed to pass all 5 tests in one day with help from your study material.  I did see a few questions on the test that I did not recognize, but that wasn't a surprise since you told me they were adding new questions periodically.  Just wanted to give a feedback email and say thank you for the help. 




Good news first, passed all 5. Easily. Scores of 94 and 87 on generals 1 and 2, 93 on motors, 97 on safety, 96 on electricity.


Bad news, I saw many diagrams for the first time, in particular motors and electricity. 


Pertaining to generals, the question bank you have nailed it. There were several questions from the update you informed me of that I downloaded 2 days ago so thank goodness I contacted you when I did. The other tests were mostly the same as the bank, EXCEPT for the questions pertaining to all the new diagrams. 


However I was expecting curveballs so what I knew overwhelmingly compensated for the new material. 


Thank you again for the incredible software, it really is a life saver. Proctor was a little amazed when I finished 5 tests in 2.5 hours lol



********************************************************************************************************************************************** Joe, feel free to put this in your testimonial section:


A whole lot has changed as far as the requirements for an Able Bodied Seaman over the years, as has the requirements for a Lifeboat endorsement. The study software I ordered from you proved to be the key factor in my passing the AB course & test requirements. I was able to obtain my AB/Lifeboatman endorsement and qualified for a position as a Boatswain. I highly recommend your software to anyone looking to advance in their maritime career, especially the way the USCG steadily changes things nowadays. Thanks again! 


C.D. Love


I'm the cadet you talked to in New York whose mariner advancement thumb drive had been damaged.


I passed all my exams (5.0) with:

Electrical: 100

Steam 1: 98

Steam 2: 97

Safety: 97

Generals: 94

Diesel 1: 84

Diesel 2: 9


The diesel 1 exam that I and the other guys I tested had about 25% of its questions drawn from the old bank.  There was one question on electrical that I hadn't seen before, it was of a wheatstone bridge resistance measuring device.  Generals had a few questions that I hadn't seen about CFW systems.  Steam and safety were exactly like mariner advancement.  I'm recommending your product to the rest of the 5.0 test takers.


Very respectfully,

Jordan Peeples


Joe NorrisI took my 1AE/CE unlimited tests last week after studying quite a bit with your software.  I was the one who complained about the Next button being right over top of the Reset Questions button, but it all worked out in the end.  I passed all of my modules on the first try and a lot of that was thanks to having your software to work from these last few months.  




Passed the new test with help from your software.   %90 of the questions were on the test.  Thank you for a great product.  I use your software to pass my 3a/e and now my 1a/e.  As a hawspiper it was instrumental in my advancement  in this career.  Thanks again.

Lee Patrick 



I just got my flash key saturday and have spent the last couple of days
working on the electrical section
and I would like to tell you this key will be a god send for any
mariners who purchase it
it is easy to use easy to read with the diagrams the way you have them
set up so I can go back and forth between them and the questions.
I will buy more as my career advances and I will tell my fellow
shipmates about your product
I truely feel now I can pass my electrical test at the Rec after using
this key, nobody else has a product this good ...I've tried them

Thank you
Bill Mertz
Chief Engineer



Thanks for your help with the drive.  It made studying bearable.




I recently passed my 500 ton master oceans with the help of this product ,it really helped and it will work on a Mac

If you have windows on it I use Parallels desktop for Mac.  I recommend this prep course for anyone getting ready for USCG testing. 


Captain Howard "Edit: From TX"


..would like to mention that your testing software is very easy to use!


Captain Dwight


Good Day Joe -

Thanks for passing that info on to me, it was very helpful. So what I did was order Parallels Desktop for Mac, and a Windows 7 system Install Disk. Two programs.

 Now I believe you can download both from the web but I wanted the hard copies on hand in case of any error. You can probably also use Boot Camp which comes with the newer Apple OS's, the one downside to that is that anytime you want to study you have to reboot your computer in Windows Mode, then reboot back to Mac when done. Where's with Parallels, both OS's can run simutainiously, greatly improving the chance that you'll actually study. I know thats the case for me. Once Parallels and Windows are installed, anytime you insert the USB Drive the Mac immediately recognizes it as a windows program and opens Parallels on your desktop. You can then access the Exam Application exactly as you would any other program. Very smooth and flawless once the extra programs are installed. I tried several other programs such as Codeweavers but with no success as they weren't able to recognize your application. This might change in the future but as for now the best, and possibly only, solution is Parallels for Mac. I think this would be valuable info to post on your website as it might encourage others to order your programs when they have a Mac, instead of them just seeing that  they need a Windows OS under system requirements and not realizing that they have an alternative to run it, letting them know that they would still be able to use it even without a PC. I know that I would have ordered it much sooner as I had been looking at it for months before sending you my first email.

And now, back to studying! Thanks again.


Revel Boulon



Thanks Joe for being nice and helping us.  We really appreciate & will spread the news about your programs!


Laura and Jim Wels


Hi Joe

Passed the DDE 4000 exam on the first try.  Your program was certainly a major reason...   ...I didn'l even have to use the calculator that I brought to the exam room.  I started testing at 0800 and was finished with my final exam by 1100.


Patten Traver


Mariner Advancement,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,

I just passed my QMED Oiler test and the answer to every question popped in my head before I finished reading the questions. Your program has made this way to easy.




I just wanted to let you know your product is awesome!!!   It is the easiest to use and is very afforadable.




Hello Joe...

My name is Nick Aguilera. This is the second time I've written to you.
Last time was about a year ago to let you know your DDE Unl.software
worked superbly as I passed that exam with great scores.
Today I'm writing to let you know that several months ago I purchased
your Chief limited/3rd asst. software. I've begun testing.
Last Monday I started testing for the 3 rd asst. and began with Motors
1 and 2.  The first of the two contained many questions that were not
in your prep material. Also, probably 8 or 9 illustrations. I passed
that exam. My score wasn't stellar. But I passed. And clearly, were it
not for your product, I would've failed. Motors #2 went much easier.
Probably fair to say it went as I was initially expecting it to.
Yesterday, I took Safety, that was smooth as glass.
I also took Generals yesterday and today, Electricity. I failed
Generals and Electricity. But... only because I didn't study for those
two subjects at all. My "plan" was to pass Motors 1 and 2 and Safety.
-Go back to work and study, return and take Generals and Electricity
tests again. This way it's easier to absorb all the material.

My point here is that since Motors #1 contained a number of questions
and illustrations that weren't in your software, -are there any
updates? Particularly for Generals and Electricity?
I'd appreciate hearing from you. As a Customer of yours, I also want
to mention that I've pointed many people to your web site.

I'm just trying to give myself everything I need to pass.

Thanks for your time, -and your product


Nick Aguilera


Note: Nick informed me via e-mail that he passed General and Electrical on his second try.  We had sent him a second disk with more general questions and he said that made a big difference on passing the General portion of the test.  We have since split the Chief Limited and 3rd Enginner study disk into two separate study disk.  This change was in response to discussing the exams with exam takers.  Our updated Chief Limited gained 1000 questions and some new illustrations.  Our 3rd Assistant Engineer Unlimited gained the same 1000 general questions and an additonal 1000 motors questions and also new illustrations.  These changes have brought the U.S.C.G. exam scores up about 10% with most scores coming in at the mid 80% to 90% range.  Regardless of who's study material you use ensure your average scores are in the 90% range on  your practice exams before testing to ensure you have a margin for error.


Hey joe

I downloaded them. Thanks for taking the time to respond to my emails and helping me out.

I used your dde study guide last year and passed. Now I am working on upgrading my deck license. My past sea time is both deck and engine.

Thanks again for making a good product available and responding to emails from a non savvy computer user as myself lol




Good day Joe, I have updated the USB in your website and I found out that on the electrical side , Originally, I have a total of 3,347 questionnaire and when I updated it went down to 2,287 questions only(1000+ difference).Just asking if this is right on the chief and 1st unlimited premium on your last update. I'm excited on my last test tomorrow which is electrical,I have passed the 4 subjects easily just using your software,I owe you a "BEER" when I see you in GOM..

Thank you,











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