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Mariner Advancement Updates and Upgrades  6.5


The updates listed below will only work on Mariner Advancement version 6.5 and will damage earlier versions. Do not use on earlier versions or your program will not operate and we will not be able to recover your original files. It is very important to follow these steps exactly, or the update will not be successful.


STEP 1: When you click on the link below you will be asked if you wish to RUN the program or SAVE the program. Click SAVE and note where on your computer you saved the file.

STEP 2: Copy the file to your flash drive where your original program resides.

STEP 3: Run the update program from the flashdrive.  

STEP 4: You will be asked if you wish to write over the current files; select "Yes To All".

No updates available at this time for version 6.5.



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