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7.0 Updates

Currently, there are no available updates for version 7.0. These update files are provided to restore your flash drive in case you are missing a file. There is no need to run these updates, unless you are having a problem with your application due to a missing file. We will change this notice once we have an update available, most likely around April 2020.

The updates listed below will ONLY work on Mariner Advancement version 7.0 and will irreparably damage other versions.

  • STEP 1: When you click on the link below you will be asked if you wish to RUN the program or SAVE the program. Click SAVE and note where you saved the file.
  • STEP 2: Open your Mariner Advancement flash drive to view files and folders. There, you will see one single folder in the main directory with a folder name similar to "MarinerAdvancement2033v.7.0". Copy the update file you downloaded into this folder. Note: If you also have a copy of the "MarinerAdvancement2033v.7.0" folder on your desktop, you will need to copy the update file to that folder on your desktop as well. You will have to follow steps 3 and 4 for each folder, the one on your flash drive and the one on your desktop.
  • STEP 3: Run the update program from the flash drive and click the EXTRACT button.
  • STEP 4: You will be asked if you wish to write over the current files; select "Yes To All". After the update is complete, simply run the original mariner advancement application file and you should note the changes. Note: This update will also reset Questions Answered Correctly and Tagged Questions to zero.


MA QMED Oiler 7.0 -

MA QMED Jr Eng 7.0 -

MA Eng 7.0 (3rd 2nd DDE) -

MA Chief 7.0 -

MA Mate500-1600-3rd-2nd 7.0 -

MA Master500-1600GRT 7.0 -

MA Master-ChiefMateUnl 7.0 -

MA AB-Lifeboatman 7.0 -

MA OUPV 7.0 -

MA Master+Mate200-100-50GRT 7.0 -